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Visual Studio

Develop ASP.NET web applications, XML Web Services, desktop applications and mobile applications.

Visual Studio is a set of tools used for the design and programming of web sites and applications. Depending on the needs of the user or the company, the program is presented with three variables to choose from: Community, Professional or Enterprise. Visual Studio is an essential tool for any web developer, since its functionalities include the ability to refactor, identify and correct code problems, perform periodic tests, advanced personalization, and the use of team services, that allows a group collaboration in projects or other elaborations of the same type.

Obtain the following benefits:

  • Dont lose time: Visual Studio has a fast learning curve.
  • Integrate the design and implementation of Windows forms.
  • Lets you easily use the platform of Windows systems, since it has unlimited acces to the Windows API, including current libraries.
  • It is one of the most widely used IDE, so it is easy to find information, documentation and sources for the projects.
  • Easily extensible through DLL libraries and ActiveX components of other languages.
  • It makes it possible to add support for executing scripts, VBScript or JScript, in the applications using Microsoft Script Control.