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Microsoft Azure

Developers and IT professionals use it to create, deploy and manage applications through of our global network of data centers. With Azure, you get the freedom to create and implement where you want, using the tools, applications and frames you prefer. < p>

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that provides a large number of functions. With Azure you can manage your data, applications and servers through the data center. Data is your most important asset, Azure protects it through a rigorous security system. It detects threats ahead of time and acts promptly to eliminate them. Entrusting your information to Azure is the best decision, as well as providing rigorous security, It gives you business intelligence through its analysis services, which results in better decision making. Azure allows you to add intelligence to your applications, giving them interactions that make it easier for users.

Obtain the following benefits:

  • Azure increases developer productivity: Speed ​​up the commercialization of your applications. The integrated Azure tools, from DevOps for mobile devices to computing without a server, support productivity.
  • Azure is the only coherent hybrid cloud: Create solutions and deploy them where you want with Azure, the only consistent hybrid cloud in the market. Connect data and applications in the cloud and in the local environment to obtain maximum portability and get the most out of your current investment.
  • Azure is the cloud to create smart applications: Use Azure to create intelligent applications controlled by data. From image recognition to bot services, take advantage Azure Data Services and artificial intelligence to create new experiences
  • Azure is the cloud you can trust: Ninety percent of the companies included in the Fortune 500 list trust Microsoft Cloud. Join them.