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In BIDSS we create software according to your specifications and solve problems that may arise with high quality work. As problems and critical situations present themselves in a company, the creation of systems and applications that solve those problems becomes a necessity. The process is carried out to receive support in information control activities, such as the entry and processing of information, storage of information, and extraction of processed information.

The development of these systems presents many advantages for the company, such as integration in the administration of the organization and the analysis of the value chain either of a product or a service. In addition, with the development of these applications the information is available to all users in real time and the effectiveness of operation work is increased. These systems bring agility to the company because it is possible to work with the same system in distant points, which means a higher efficiency of the employees. Contact us:


Create intelligent, critical applications using the scalable database platform and Hybrid with everything integrated: from in-memory performance and advanced security to analysis in the database.

Visual Studio is a complete set of development tools for the generation of ASP.NET web applications,