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Position: Digital Marketing

Knowledge of Digital Marketing, SEO (important!), SEM (important!), Social Networks (Valued)

The exponential increase in social networks and the large presence of users that each indicates has greatly increased the importance of digital marketing. The position of digital consultant consists of the creation of attractive content to attract customers, the ability to promote that content and to analyze the trends that each one indicates in order to exploit their potential. You must have writing skills with proper spelling and ease of communication. Send mail to:

Position: Digital Designer

Extensive knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. -Design and Adaptatively / Responsive optimization

The digital designer goes hand in hand with marketing; The capacity of the designer and his ability to design web pages and advertising images define the visibility of a company, reason why he must have appropriate knowledge in design tools and be always aware of their progress. Organization, creativity and innovative capacity are important skills that a designer should have. Send mail to:

Position: Web Developer

Knowledge in

The designer and the web developer work in the same field and are codependents, but they exercise completely different tasks. The web developer makes sure that everything works through the implementation of necessary tools. He/she ensures that the website is intuitive and has all the basic functions. In addition, he/she has a high programming agility and extensive knowledge about different web programming software. Send mail to: