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Quality infrastructure for quality business

Lack of servers? Insufficient storage? Networks and connections ineffective? Deffective Internet? We are the solution!

We are interested in the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of your company. For that, BIDSS Technology specializes in the implementation of scalable, accessible and durable infrastructures that have a positive impact on your daily operations.

Through powerful tools of servers, virtualization and storage, your company receives a flow of data and communication that enables you to evaluate the health of your systems, raise their processes and improve their operations.

The benefits of a quality infrastructure:

  • Unification of bases under a single structure
  • Speed of work and communication
  • Reliable internet networks
  • Rigid security of your information
  • Safe and scalable storage


Windows Server is a service that covers a Microsoft Corporation server product line. It consists of an operating system designed for Microsoft servers and a range of products aimed at the broader business market.

Microsoft Exchange allows you to be more productive with an advanced user experience. It is presented as a business category email on phones, tablets, desktops and the web.