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We are specialists in Microsoft Software licensing. We offer a high-quality solution according to your requirements and at the most favorable price for your company. The licensing of software is a very adaptable process depending on the size of your company; Whether micro, small, medium or large, you can apply to obtain the license and receive all its advantages.

The license grants the right to use the Microsoft software and its future versions with a completely free technical support. The following are the different types of licensing: Windows Server (Essential, Standard, Datacenter), SQL Server (Developer, Standard, Enterprise) and Office 365 (Business and Enterprise). Microsoft presents varieties in each licensing to meet every need and feature of your company, whether small or large. The advantages that a Microsoft licensing includes can be summed up in an exponential increase in effectiveness and efficiency, all thanks to the different software tools that the licensing provides, without counting the experience and knowledge acquired. Contact us:


Create intelligent, critical applications using the scalable database platform and Hybrid with everything integrated: from in-memory performance and advanced security to analysis in the database.

Visual Studio is a complete set of development tools for the generation of ASP.NET web applications, XML Web Services, desktop applications and mobile applications.

Windows Server is a service that covers a Microsoft Corporation server product line, consists of an operating system designed for Microsoft servers and a range of products aimed at the broader business market.

It is the platform of productivity, communication and collaboration hosted in the cloud that groups the main tools of greater value and in its most recent version.