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Microsoft Exchange

It allows you to manipulate e-mails, storage of information, mobile web pages, name calendars, contacts and shared tasks, among others.

Exchange is the Office 365 messaging server. It allows you to send emails, manipulate and store information, create calendars, and share tasks with other contacts. These functions are mainly done through Microsoft Outlook, but it also supports POP models, IMAP, and web emails. Like SharePoint, Exchange invites communication between users; it is a service that facilitates the administration of many communication networks. For that same reason, group work is benefited using this service. In addition to connecting users to each other, Exchange prioritizes your information, identifies and protects it from viruses and unwanted emails and prevents it from being lost to avoid further inconvenience.

It offers you the following advantages:

  • Keep control: Exchange allows you to tailor your solution to your own needs and ensures that your communications are always available
  • Get more out of your work on any device: Exchange allows you to be more productive and facilitates the management of a large volume of communications on several devices, as well as perform teamwork more effectively.
  • Protect your organization: Exchange helps protect business communication and sensitive information while simplifying internal and regulatory compliance.
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