BIDSS | Technology

Tegucigalpa, Honduras


BIDSS Technology, a technology company based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has recently been awarded the Gold Data Analytics certification by Microsoft.

As a result of many years of experience in data analysis, BIDSS Technology is able to provide the best processes for its successful completion. Carried out through the various tools of Microsoft, BIDSS focuses on providing companies with the right solutions for their needs.

Microsoft has now recognized this spirit of innovation by awarding BIDSS Technology the Gold Data Analytics competency. This award is given to partners who have specialized in the review and analysis of business information. The companies that obtain this competence must comply with a series of implementation criteria and produce references, conduct satisfaction surveys and go through various technical evaluations.

Regarding the analysis of data, Danilo Antúnez, executive director of BIDSS Technology,said the following: "The analysis of data is presented as a very important task that must be carried out continuously. Information is the most important asset of a company; with it we make the decisions, implement the services, and develop the applications. The only way to extract knowledge from the data is through analysis, one that provides sufficient insight regarding the origin of the data, its current status, and its long-term validity. For this reason, at BIDSS Technology we have devoted much effort to this task, both in our company and in that of our customers, to ensure the proper functioning of our businesses "
He added: "This Microsoft Gold Data Analytics competency is a clear demonstration of our experience in today's technology market and demonstrates our knowledge of Microsoft products and services. Our plan is to accelerate the success of our clients by serving as technology advisors to their business demands. "