Business Intelligence Honduras | BIDSS Technology


Your data hides a treasure. Let´s uncover it

Do you want to take better business decisions? Automate your reports? Increase your productivity? We have what you need.

Have your experienced any of these problems?

  • Delayed and inaccurate reports
  • Bad decisions and incorrect predictions
  • Time loss in acquiring information
  • Disorganized, incorrect and unclassified information
  • Loss of productivity

Let us help you. Through Microsoft business intelligence tools, BIDSS Technology centralizes all your information and extracts the most valuable; automated reporting, trends and patterns, knowledge for decision making and data visualization

With the help of Microsoft certified professionals and high-reach tools, your information is exploited to align organizational processes and goals, identify opportunities and reduce expenses.

Information is the most important asset of your company; release the power within it.


Create intelligent, critical applications using the scalable and hybrid database platform with everything integrated: from in-memory performance and advanced security to analysis in the database.

Power BI transforms your company data into rich visual objects that you can collect and organize, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Permite a los usuarios, equipos y organizaciones descubrir y compartir contenido, asi como colaborar en él de forma inteligente desde cualquier lugar y dispositivo.