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Power BI

The Power BI panels offer users a 360 degree view with their most important metrics in one place. The information is updated in real time and is available on all your devices. With a single click users can explore the underlying data of the panel using intuitive tools that allow for easy answers. The creation of a panel is a simple operation thanks to the more than fifty connections to well- known business applications, which are completed with pre-generated panels and designed by experts to help you get up and running quickly.

Power BI is a set of business analysis tools that puts knowledge within the reach of the entire organization. You receive connections to hundreds of data sources, simplified data preparation, generation of ad hoc analysis. In addition, you can create high quality reports that are then published for the benefit of the organization on the Web and on mobile devices. It gives you the ability to create custom panels available to everyone, with a unique 360 degree business perspective. Scale the business level with government and security.Power BI allows you to analyze and interact with a large amount of data in Microsoft Excel. One of its main benefits is that it works with an open, intuitive and complete tool such as Excel, where large amounts of information remains consolidated and can be analyzed at will. It has easy access through any device, where you can use different visualization tools such as Power Map and Power View or create interactive and personalized reports. Its ease of use and the value it proposes with its programs will bring great benefits to your company.

It offers you the following advantages:

  • Process data quickly, wherever you are.
  • Stay informed: Always in real time, ask questions, receive answers
  • Create: Custom content for your organization
  • Put an end to the chaos: the whole team in tune, make decisions based on data from anywhere
  • Integrate with Power BI: Share the information on your website or blog
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