BIDSS | Technology - ¿Who we are?

Who are we?

BIDSS has strengthened its leadership position in the rapid growth of the market

becoming the # 1 Partner of Microsoft.


At BI-DSS Technology we love what we are and we are very proud to be part of your business. Through a team of highly qualified professionals, we offer the applications, equipment and knowledge necessary to implement the solutions that enhance information as the main asset of your organization.

We work with care to develop and deliver the best solutions in systems and thus be able to turn your ideas into reality. The company is a leader in Business Intelligence, that is, powerful ideas in your hands where you can be aware and detect trends as they occur; and this way, push even more your business. At BIDSS, we put ourselves in the shoes of the client to be an ally in the progress of their company.

Our commitment is to deliver new options as well as innovative and relevant services for the local consumer; We strive to empower them so that they make a real difference in the service of our clients and interested people. We believe that the best way to achieve our mission is through a deep knowledge of the wishes and needs of our customers. We are known for being Microsoft's # 1 Partner in implementation services because of our commitment and responsibility at work. This has allowed us to increase our portfolio of local and regional clients, which is why we have dealt with all types of companies. In BIDSS we focus on important innovations that help people to be updated and at the forefront, with our services, you can be sure that your company will work in the best way.


Why choose BIDSS Technology?

In BIDSS we are proud of what we are and we are happy to be part of your business
  • We are an institution created to provide solutions to our clients based on their needs and the offer that we as a company can offer. We keep the highest quality indexes, an unbeatable service and customer service completely specialized in Microsoft technologies. Our specialists have a vast experience and are prepared to meet and solve each of your needs.

Mission and Vision


Mission: Continuously develop and innovate our services and fulfill our purpose of providing growth, strength, development and greater competitiveness to the companies of our customers.

Vision: To become the # 1 provider of Microsoft technology services in the Central America region through high-level programs carried out by experienced and certified professionals.



  • Integrity:

    We morally carry out our work through processes and methodologies that are proven and accepted worldwide.

  • Excellence

    We thoroughly analyze the needs of our customers and re position our approaches to deliver a service of the highest quality.

  • Reliability:

    We make sure to meet the deadlines, functions, and agreed characteristics and we respect the information and confidentiality of our clients.