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Windows Server

It offers a range of products aimed at the broader business market and offers more control over the server and network infrastructure, better hosting, protection of the operating system and network environment, it contains intuitive administrative tools, ease of consolidation, server and application virtualization.

Windows Server is an operating system with a high number of services and functionalities. Its utilities can vary from the use of virtual machines and file storage to cloud migration and enterprise security, Windows Server covers all your needs. One of its main services is Microsoft Azure, the largest data center in the world. With Azure, you receive all the benefits of the cloud,including the database, storage, active directory and application development. In addition, you have at your disposal a varied list of storage options expandable and in the cloud and security, either to your applications or servers.

It offers you the following advantages:

  • Easy to manage: The operating system has a great ease of use, reason why it's the most commercial in the market.
  • Smaller development time: Thanks to a large investment from Microsoft and the hand of a large community of developers, it was possible to greatly facilitate the development of applications and systems running on Windows servers.
  • Easy learning: The learning curve for Windows is vastly inferior to that of other Operating Systems.
  • Extensive support: Support ASP.NET high performance framework, service with the most demand in web development.
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