About Us


1. Business identified with it´s roots

In BIDSS Technology we identify with our culture We feel the pride of representing the country internationally and hope in the development of skills and knowledge of our countrymen.

2) Technology Solutions of True Impact

We automate your reports and optimize your processes with solutions that enable you to make better decisions and increase your profits, whether with business intelligence platforms or mobile applications

3. #1 Microsoft Partner in Honduras

Our partnership with Microsoft (Gold Partner, Education Partner, Cloud Solutions Provider) allows us to provide the best solutions in the industry, in which we stand out as leaders in Big Data analysis in Central America and the Caribbean.

4) The Best Certified Professionals

Your company is in the best hands; We have the best certified professionals in Microsoft technologies, including:

  • Cloud (Microsoft Azure)
  • Servers (Windows Server)
  • Databases (SQL Server)
  • Big Data (Power BI)

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Why choose BIDSS Technology?

  • Your necessities, our priority In BIDSS Technology we differentiate ourselves because of our fully specialized service; whether in application development or business intelligence platform; you decide, we act.
  • Regional Leaders. We are leaders in the analysis of business data in Central America and the Caribbean. Our ability to improve the reporting and operating costs of our customers has ensured this certification from Microsoft.
  • The most varied, complete services. Our repertoire of services covers everything your company needs. From Servers to Sales Services; applications to licensing; solutions in the cloud to virtualization. We have it covered.
  • Enterprise Digitalization. Through advanced reporting, communication and productivity services, BIDSS Technology takes your business to the path of digitalization, reducing its costs on paper and supporting its social contribution to the maintenance of the environment.
  • Advanced Training Workshops Through our partnership of Microsoft Authorized Education Partner, in BIDSS Technology we offer advanced workshops with the methodology of learning by doing that include: Servers, Business Intelligence, Database, Programming and much more.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Develop and continuously innovate our services to fulfill our purpose of providing growth, strength, development and greater competitiveness to your business..

Visión: Position BIDSS Technology as the # 1 provider of Microsoft technology services in the Central American region through high-level programs carried out by experienced and certified professionals.


  • Integrity

    We carry out our work with morality through processes and methodologies tested and accepted worldwide.

  • Excellence:

    We thoroughly analyze the needs of our customers and re pose our approaches to deliver a service of the best quality.

  • Reliability:

    We make sure to meet the deadlines, functions, and agreed upon characteristics and we respect the information and confidentiality of our clients.